Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Paddy & Angel go to the Doctor

Recently we temporarily housed and cared for 8 kitties from an out of state animal shelter. These cats were all different ages and personalities; the one thing they had in common was that they were scheduled for "euthanasia." I dislike using this term in the case of killing healthy and adoptable animals because it is offensive to anyone who has ever had to have their beloved companion euthanized when they are truly suffering and have no hope of recovery. The point here is that these kitties are very much alive!

The youngest kittens got adopted at our adoption event. Other kitties went to be adopted out at Cafe Coco at the Whole Cat & Kaboodle. Four of the cats have landed permanently at Flower Feline Sanctuary, mainly due to their age and level of comfort with new situations. As with any adoption, it will take some time to fully understand the wants and needs of each kitty. This past week, we took both Paddy and Angel in for a comprehensive veterinary exam. (I have been unable to get a photo of Angel because she is so shy.) Angel is probably younger than her estimated 12 years of age whereas Paddy is likely at least 12 years old. Paddy has mild allergy reactions in his eyes and ears, so each day he gets some topical ointment each day. Both kitties are in need of dental surgery, as they have some potentially painful dental issues. As in humans, infections and root abscesses can cause other serious health problems if left unaddressed. Estimates for each kitty run about $500-$1,000; only after x-rays are taken will the doctor know how severe the teeth are diseased and how many need to be removed.

Unfortunately we don't get a discount on veterinary services but do take advantage of purchasing kitty drugs online and administering what we can at home. We have three cats on fluids to sustain their kidney health, two on thyroid medication, as well as appetite stimulant as needed. I believe that feeding very high quality, grain-free food with a good quantity of raw meat supports healthy immune systems and staves off common feline conditions such as urinary blockage, so we don't buy budget kibble. All donations go directly to buying cat food and litter, and paying veterinary bills. 
We do not take any salary and we cover the cost of kitty housing and heating. If you would like to host a fundraiser for FFS kitties we'd love to be part of it. If you would like to contribute to the upcoming dental procedures for Paddy and Angel, any amount is appreciated.

"Spot" in his temporary quarters, just after arriving from CA

Paddy, enjoying a nap in his new home