Sunday, February 3, 2019

Sara, the kitty with violet eyes

Sara, a "chocolate" seal point Siamese, is now quite friendly with me! She loves being petted and with her bunny-soft fur, I love petting her. I haven't weighed Sara but I believe she has lost a little of the extra weight she came with because her skin seems looser. She simply doesn't have the slender body type some Siamese kitties have and will always be a curvy girl. 

The kitties mostly favor raw meat and along with canned foods, get a higher protein/high moisture diet that kibble cannot provide. When kitties come in to the sanctuary, they often have dull coats from eating mainly kibble and low muscle tone because they can't run and jump in conventional shelter settings. I understand that cost and convenience matter in shelters dealing with high numbers of cats, and hopefully these shelters are just temporary housing for most of the resident cats. (Anyone who has read books, blogs or the website of Nathan Winograd can marvel at the amazing work shelters and rescue groups are doing these days, compared to 50, 30, or even 15 years ago, while still aiming for a truly No-Kill nation.) Flower Feline Sanctuary is not sheltering a great number of cats. We are providing a loving home to a small number of kitties, albeit more kitties than most people have in their home. Sara is blossoming because we are a small sanctuary and able to address all of the kitties' individual needs. We won't grow past that point or we would be doing a disservice to the kitties.