Thursday, October 18, 2018

A Lovely Fall Day

The kitties are enjoying the clear, sunny skies as of late. They are settled in as plans are being made for a few more kitties to join them. Feliway plug-in Comfort Zone and flower remedies help them adjust to newcomers.

What is a typical day like for them at Flower Feline Sanctuary? The day starts with breakfast fairly early. There is no free feeding here so everyone has their own bowl of canned/Rad Cat raw/maybe a few crunches for texture. After breakfast, the humans do the tidying up while the kitties maybe nibble grass. We make sure the bird feeder is filled for them to watch birdies. Bunnies, deer and coyotes also frequently wander through the property. Later during the day we have play time outside if its not too wet. Afterward the kitties get a treat - usually a freeze-dried salmon or chicken piece. Then Riley and I might have a cuddle on the settee. As difficult as Riley can be, he is a very affectionate guy. Dinner is around 5 PM, the same routine, which the kitties appreciate. Some evenings they have a special treat of poached salmon. Depending on the weather, the kitties may hang out outside and catch bugs or go up in their loft if it's chilly. (If they have visitors most of the kitties will retreat to the loft.) I'm happy to report that it's a pretty sweet deal here for these kitties!

Christina in her fall colors

Ellie and Christina

Riley in a rare relaxed moment

Waiting for the toy action...

Yes, Riley is a very large cat!


  1. FYI Rad Cat went out of business due to the losses from a recall, there is a GoFundme site setup to try and get them back up and running.